About the Walk

2021 ADL National Virtual Walk

October 10, 2021

ADL, a more than century-old anti-hate organization, was moving against hate even before the first Walk Against Hate took place in Philadelphia in 2011. Since the first Walk gathering, ADL’s Walk Against Hate has grown in size and reach, uniting communities across the country in a show of solidarity against antisemitism, bigotry and all forms of hate. In 2020, ADL’s Walk Against Hate moved to a national stage with a virtual Walk engaging more than 100,000 participants.

This October, we’re on the move again — in-person and virtually 
 to bring thousands together to fight hate for good.



The 2021 ADL Walk Against Hate is a virtual event in your community, but there are still ways to engage with your friends and neighbors and amplify the message that we all have a role to play in fighting hate for good. 

How to participate virtually
    Even though the Walk is virtual, we still want you to register. Registering creates your personal fundraising page, allows you to form or join a team and takes you a step closer to getting a 2021 Walk Against Hate t-shirt delivered to your door.
    There is no fee for virtual registration but fundraising is a key component to the Walk Against Hate. Any amount helps and supports ADL's work in your community and at large. We have a $1m national fundraising goal and welcome your outreach and efforts to get us there!
    We're excited you are joining us for this year's Walk and we hope you are excited too. Your personal fundraising page offers easy tools to share your Walk with others via social media and email, and helps you invite them to join you. In addition, we will continue to share tools for engagement and ways to make a difference with all of our Walkers and team captains as our community comes together to 
    Step out on your own or invite a group to gather to Walk together. We'll have signs and t-shirts available to help you make your message clear. And you don't have to walk... spin, roll, run, swim, stretch! Feel free to be creative in how you walk against hate. 
    That's right, take a moment to celebrate! Yes, there is still much to do, but there are so many of us united and motivated to fight hate for good. And you are part of that movement. Thank you! Celebrate your voice, your commitment and your courage to speak out when and where you see injustice.