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Welcome to team Janney Montgomery Scott!

Janney Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Total Raised: $9,679.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 88

Join Our WALK Against Hate Team!

Join Team Janney for the Anti-Defamation League’s 7th annual WALK Against Hate on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 9:00am-12:00pm at the amazing setting of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Janney is the proud sponsor of the Diversity Expo at this years Walk- the 7th annual Walk Against Hate. This year is the most important ever.

What does that mean to you? It depends.

Do you:
• Support the rights of ALL people?
• Wish that diversity wasn’t just tolerated, but embraced?
• Want to show your support for marginalized groups?
• Support Janney’s efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive environment?

If you support inclusion, equal rights and diversity, join Janney colleagues and other friends to be part of a larger movement toward ending bigotry and hate.

The Walk is a one of a kind initiative in which people from various backgrounds are united to make strides toward embracing diversity. This is an opportunity for all of us to stand together against bigotry and hatred in our own community and we're inviting all of our friends, family, and neighbors to join us when we WALK Against Hate.

To participate and learn more about the Walk, the Diversity Expo and more, go to

It will be a fun day for an important cause. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Team Members:
Total Raised$9,679.00  
Edward Blumenthal$5,999.00  
   Joseph Azor$30.00  
   Alissa Blumenthal$65.00  
   Roberta Blumenthal$35.00  
   Christopher Borden$10.00  
   William Brown$20.00  
   Davina DeMark$45.00  
   Remington DeMark$35.00  
   Robert DeMark$45.00  
   Andrew Denker$20.00  
   Claire Durand$20.00  
   Don Elsas$10.00  
   Vicki Elsas$10.00  
   The Levine Family$50.00  
   Renee Fisher$45.00  
   Douglas Foster$45.00  
   Karen Foster$20.00  
   Diane Gallagher$240.00  
   Erin Gallagher$10.00  
   Ruth Gallagher$20.00  
   Timothy Gonzalez$40.00  
   Marguerite Gress$20.00  
   Mark Gress$70.00  
   Howard Kaplan$70.00  
   Linda Kaplan$20.00  
   Genevieve LeBas$60.00  
   Guy LeBas$195.00  
   Caren Levin$100.00  
   Caren Levine$10.00  
   Marc Levine$10.00  
   Noah Levine$10.00  
   Patricia Lombardo$20.00  
   carter Londo$10.00  
   Drew Londo$20.00  
   Maya Londo$10.00  
   Bernie Marx$0.00  
   Emma Marx$0.00  
   Joshua Marx$70.00  
   Judi Marx$0.00  
   Madison Marx$0.00  
   Marcy Marx$0.00  
   Nathan Marx$0.00  
   Ira Mazer$20.00  
   Marianne McGovern$30.00  
   Pamela Nathanson$70.00  
   James Nemeth$60.00  
   Karen Nemeth$60.00  
   Rena Perry$20.00  
   Sophia Perry$20.00  
   amy pitchnick$30.00  
   Bob pitchnick$30.00  
   Suzanne Powell$70.00  
   Addison Reed$30.00  
   Deborah Reed$140.00  
   Kevin Reed$270.00  
   Logan Reed$30.00  
   Eastland Schamis$10.00  
   Levi Schamis$10.00  
   Martin Schamis$170.00  
   Michelle Schamis$20.00  
   Savannah Schamis$10.00  
   Karen Shakoske$200.00  
   Jacqui Simonet$70.00  
   Janet Smith$70.00  
   Kaitlyn Smith$20.00  
   Zack Smith$20.00  
   Matt Snyder$20.00  
   Cathy Souder$20.00  
   Kevin Souder$20.00  
   Bob Steinke$70.00  
   George Steinke$35.00  
   Jean Steinke$20.00  
   Lilly Steinke$35.00  
   RJ Steinke$35.00  
   Craig Stoltz$70.00  
   Jennifer Stoltz$20.00  
   Reed Stoltz$10.00  
   Shane Stoltz$10.00  
   Taral Thompson$20.00  
   Patty tomshaw$110.00  
   Nick Tumolo$50.00  
   Allison Ward$0.00  
   Carolann Ward$20.00  
   Daniel Ward$20.00  
   Frank Ward$20.00  
   Jennifer Ward$45.00  
   Sydney Ward$0.00  
   Michael Yost$40.00  

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