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Team Teva Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $3,140.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 104

Join Team Teva as we Walk Against Hate!

Join us for ADL’s 7th annual WALK Against Hate on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Teva is proud to be a lead sponsor for this unique initiative, where people from all backgrounds will come together to embrace and celebrate inclusion and diversity. This is an opportunity for all of us to stand together against bigotry and hatred, and we're inviting all of our colleagues, families, friends and neighbors to join us as we Walk Against Hate.

This year, we are also walking to honor the memory of two Teva colleagues – Richard Egosi and Michele Jetter - who were proud participants and supporters of the Walk Against Hate for many years.

Contributions to our team are appreciated, and will directly support ADL's mission and programming, such as No Place for Hate® in regional schools and communities, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, and the Bearing Witness™ program.

We hope to see you there!

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,140.00  
Rachel Yehezkel$391.00  
Ruth Fields$490.00  
   Garima Airan$0.00  
   Brandy Anderson$25.00  
   Joshua Anderson$0.00  
   TiAnn Applegate$25.00  
   Desiree Auchey$0.00  
   Ethan Ayala$0.00  
   Anna Benenson$0.00  
   Thakurdeen Bhola$0.00  
   Ashley Bustamante$0.00  
   JoAnn Chruchill$15.00  
   Melanie Crescenz$0.00  
   Howard Cyr$0.00  
   Connie DeRewal$0.00  
   Tiffany DeRewal$0.00  
   Kyla Early$10.00  
   Lorraine Ebron$25.00  
   veronica elizondo$0.00  
   Nimet Eren$0.00  
   David Fenick$230.00  
   Astrid Ferguson$5.00  
   Jean-Michel Fischre$0.00  
   Rachel Gallagher$0.00  
   Gabriel Garcia$50.00  
   Lisa Gdowik$0.00  
   Nicholas Gdowik$0.00  
   Rob Gdowik$0.00  
   Veronica Gdowik$0.00  
   Brian Gilbert$0.00  
   Nicole Gilbert$0.00  
   Nina Gilbert$0.00  
   Tina Gilbert$0.00  
   Trevor Gordon$150.00  
   Charisse Green$25.00  
   Nicole Gribbin$0.00  
   Rebecca Haley$75.00  
   Megan Hatfield$0.00  
   Deneen Helm$0.00  
   Ryan Hernandez$0.00  
   Jarline Herrera$0.00  
   Michele Johnson$95.00  
   Rivka Jungreis$0.00  
   Albert Kao$0.00  
   Julia Kelly$100.00  
   Mark Kelly$0.00  
   Joanne Klutzaritz$0.00  
   Mike Klutzaritz$0.00  
   Alex Lowry$0.00  
   Carter Lowry$0.00  
   Debbie Lutz$25.00  
   Jenesis Maestre$0.00  
   Fahd Majiduddin$70.00  
   Radhakrishna Maroju$0.00  
   Tom McDonough$0.00  
   Lindsay Moxley$45.00  
   MaryAnn Nguyen$50.00  
   Angela Pasquarello$0.00  
   Amy Pastuszak$0.00  
   Beth Pastuszak$0.00  
   Jim Pastuszak$0.00  
   Payal Patel$0.00  
   Billy Peletsky$0.00  
   Maddie Peletsky$0.00  
   Bianka Perez$0.00  
   Briannalee Perez$0.00  
   Malvina Petronyte$10.00  
   Andrea Pless$50.00  
   Nemesie Quiros$0.00  
   Nestor Quiros$0.00  
   Ashley Robles$0.00  
   Dianaliz Rodriguez$0.00  
   Walter Rodriguez$50.00  
   Antonio Romero$0.00  
   Eli Rosario$0.00  
   Tanya Saint-Vil$0.00  
   Brianna Santiago$0.00  
   M Sarkari$0.00  
   S Sarkari$0.00  
   Barbara Scoll$50.00  
   Sagar Shah$0.00  
   Lauren Shelly$0.00  
   Inderpal Singh$0.00  
   Kristin Smalley$0.00  
   Trey Smalley$0.00  
   Ann Sturtevant$50.00  
   Chanda Terry$0.00  
   Chris To$0.00  
   Caroline Tranie$75.00  
   Magali Tranie$50.00  
   Elysia Tusavitz$775.00  
   Jocelyn Tusavitz$20.00  
   Brett Walker$0.00  
   Sara Watts$0.00  
   Cham Williams$50.00  
   Keya Williams$0.00  
   Melika Williams$0.00  
   Jackie Wise$0.00  
   Jon Wise$0.00  
   Robert Wise$0.00  
   Philip Yang$0.00  
   Gavriel Yehezkel$54.00  
   Michael Zhang$5.00  
   Victoria Zhang$0.00  

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