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Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $3,000.00
Total Raised: $4,613.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 100
Members Recruited: 68

Join Our WALK Against Hate Team!

Join us for ADL’s 7th annual WALK Against Hate on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 9:00am-12:00pm to take part in a one of a kind initiative in which people from various backgrounds are united to make strides toward embracing diversity. This is an opportunity for all of us to stand together against bigotry and hatred in our own community and we're inviting all of our friends, family, and neighbors to join us when we lace up our sneakers to WALK Against Hate.

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,613.00  
Sandra Albury$2,049.00  
   Olawande Alli$20.00  
   Katie Amundsen$0.00  
   Isabelle Atkins$20.00  
   Robert Atkins$95.00  
   Sam Atkins$20.00  
   Davida Black$0.00  
   Paul Brown$40.00  
   Christin Bucciero$0.00  
   Deborah Burkey$40.00  
   Natalie Burzo$20.00  
   Brendan Cueva$10.00  
   Fabian Cueva$20.00  
   Jocelyn Cueva$10.00  
   Michael Cueva$20.00  
   Yolanda Cueva$20.00  
   Nancy Deininger$20.00  
   Barney Farrell$120.00  
   Michelle Farrell$20.00  
   Marc Freedman$20.00  
   Karen Greenland$30.00  
   Belinda Harrison$20.00  
   David Harrison$60.00  
   Justin Harrison$20.00  
   Diane Holland$154.00  
   Patricia Kane$20.00  
   Lindsey Keppel$40.00  
   Jeff Lindsay$45.00  
   Quianna Martinez$0.00  
   Brad Messinger$20.00  
   Cameron Messinger$10.00  
   Isabelle Messinger$10.00  
   Shannah Messinger$20.00  
   Spencer Messinger$10.00  
   David Mitchell$30.00  
   Lauri Mitchell$20.00  
   Kristina Murray$20.00  
   Shanna Murray$20.00  
   Lisa Pelurie$45.00  
   Natalie Pelurie$20.00  
   John Popiolek$120.00  
   Loretta Rasmussen$100.00  
   Jonathan Reymann$10.00  
   Karen Reymann$20.00  
   Linda Romano$20.00  
   Rey Ronquillo$250.00  
   Theresa Ronquillo$20.00  
   Angela Samuel Rhinehart$20.00  
   Matt Sandler$60.00  
   Nathan Sandler$5.00  
   Rachel Sandler$10.00  
   Grace Savage$0.00  
   Carla Scardino$70.00  
   Laurie Scheff$20.00  
   Keith Schweinsberg$45.00  
   Jackson Shah$0.00  
   Olivia Shah$0.00  
   Pratin Shah$120.00  
   Tara Shah$120.00  
   Alison Smith$125.00  
   Damon Stanley$40.00  
   Liliana Stephens$0.00  
   Chuck Trucksess$20.00  
   Linda Vassallo$70.00  
   Laura Walker$100.00  
   Gretchen Winterbottom$40.00  
   Lauren Yost$30.00  

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