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Members Recruited: 87

Join the TD Bank WALK Against Hate Team!

Join us for ADL’s 7th annual WALK Against Hate on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 9:00am-12:00pm to take part in a one of a kind initiative in which people from various backgrounds are united to make strides toward embracing diversity. This is an opportunity for all of us to stand together against bigotry and hatred in our own community and we're inviting all of our friends, family, and neighbors to join us when we lace up our sneakers to WALK Against Hate.

Team Members:
Total Raised$1,580.00  
Michael Snyder$0.00  
   Vanessa Rivera$0.00  
   Persia Abdullah$0.00  
   alaa afifi$0.00  
   Travis Alfonso$0.00  
   Cyde Arcano$0.00  
   Joshua Baldwin$0.00  
   John Bassler, Jr$10.00  
   Andrea Boscaglia$30.00  
   Geoff Brandon$25.00  
   Lori Canfield$20.00  
   Timothy Canfield$50.00  
   Ann Marie Carollo$50.00  
   francis chambers$20.00  
   Steven Chiarella$0.00  
   Harrison Chizik$50.00  
   Safawat Choudhury$0.00  
   Susan Cohen$10.00  
   stashanna collins$0.00  
   Jacqueline Colon$0.00  
   Ruth Cumberbatch$20.00  
   Thaeir Darwich$0.00  
   Herling Domena$0.00  
   Kevin Dunn$0.00  
   Tamika Friend$0.00  
   Andrea Galeano$0.00  
   Josephine Gallo$0.00  
   Vashanti Ganesh$0.00  
   Allyson Goldstein$50.00  
   Samantha hebb$0.00  
   Johana hernandez$0.00  
   Eileen Holmes$0.00  
   Areesha Hydari$0.00  
   Briana Kellems$0.00  
   Somarita Kou$0.00  
   Ruth Kranik$510.00  
   Greg Lane$10.00  
   Lauren Lane$0.00  
   Molly Lane$5.00  
   Nicole Leitz$10.00  
   David Madison$0.00  
   Fiona Malloy$0.00  
   Anthony Marzulli$15.00  
   Eliana Marzulli$10.00  
   Angeline Masciantonio$0.00  
   Lisa McCarthy$30.00  
   Shannon McCarthy$25.00  
   Christine McGugan$0.00  
   Regina McWilliams$20.00  
   Sue Migliaccio$10.00  
   bernita mims-harewood$70.00  
   Paul Mullin$0.00  
   Courtney Myers$0.00  
   Brian Neal$0.00  
   jeanine newell$0.00  
   michael o'hare$0.00  
   Lourdes Orlando$0.00  
   Tariq Parvez$20.00  
   Randy Printz$100.00  
   Lisa Quaglia$10.00  
   Rula Rahmani$0.00  
   Lisa Reed$0.00  
   shelaine richards$0.00  
   Cee-Asia Ricks$0.00  
   Joseph Robinson$100.00  
   Allegra Sandelli$110.00  
   Ray Santucci$10.00  
   Lisa Sawicki$0.00  
   Amanda Skeldon$0.00  
   Brianna Skupski$80.00  
   Daniel Smith$0.00  
   Jennifer Smith$20.00  
   Arthur Steinhauer$10.00  
   David Varrelman$0.00  
   Sherry Varrelman$0.00  
   Salaya Vega$0.00  
   Jamie Wendel$0.00  
   Hassan Wilcox$50.00  
   Ashley Williams$0.00  
   Brian Wilner$10.00  
   Jacob Wilner$5.00  
   Nathan Wilner$5.00  
   Rachel Wilner$0.00  
   Alexander Yatsenko$0.00  
   aia yousef$0.00  

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