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The Journey 4 Ernie- DiversiRIDE!

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Join me for the ADL's WALK Against Hate. It is the largest annual multi-cultural celebration in the City of Philadelphia, if not the entire country

People around the world, even some in our community, are suffering from the injustices of prejudice and bias. The struggle for equal rights has been moving forward for decades, and it appears recently that this has taken a major step back. We need to keep fighting to reduce discrimination and bigotry.

Many of you have voiced your concerns, and fears, to me and others. NOW YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I am now co-chair of the WALK Against Hate, and want to see this event and the message it sends to far exceed expectations. I am asking you to register for the WALK to be held on Sunday morning, May 21st, 2017 at The Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. We want to be there with our children, our parents, our sisters, brothers, friends, and co-workers. We must show that we will not accept intolerance, bias, racism, anti-Semitism, bullying, or hate in any form. All funds benefit the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that I hold very dearly.

Founded in 1913, The Anti Defamation League is an international organization dedicated to standing up for the rights of all groups. ADL fights all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.

Go to and register with the Join My Team button now. Of course I would be grateful for a contribution, but we also need your presence.

I will be matching my ADL contributions up to $5,000 again this year to fight pancreatic cancer with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network ( You may know the story by now. My father, Ernie Blumenthal, was born into a world of hate- Vienna 1938. A time in our recent history that shows what can happen when there is bigotry and intolerance. My father passed away in 2015 at age 77 from pancreatic cancer. It was only 5 weeks between his Father's Day diagnosis and his passing. While his life started and finished with adversity, he led an amazing wonderful life in between. It is this life that I want to honor and remember, while raising money and awareness.

I will not be riding from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia this year, although I still want to show my commitment to the cause, in the hoped that my support will be even larger than last year. Instead, I will be riding three century rides,100 miles each day, three days in a row. 300 miles to spread awareness. The Journey 4 Ernie lives on, now as part of The DiversiRIDE- Heading In All Directions To Come Together. The rides will head North, South, and West (and a bit East), always starting and ending at my home.

I can’t wait to WALK with you and thousands of others to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

WALK on,
Ed Blumenthal
Co-Chair, WALK Against Hate
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